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“It is our top priority to provide the highest quality machined parts to our customers. We work hard to be a part of the team, and seek long-term partnerships.”

– John Groth, President, Groth Manufacturing


It is our mission to always produce the best machined products for our customers from their prints with on-time delivery and quality, responsive customer service.

FFL 07 Licensed

Firearms Manufacturer: Licensed to machine parts for firearms.
FFL 07 License Information

Software Capability

Our skills and programs are competitive and kept up-to-date:
SolidWorksGibbs CAMEsprit CAM

EPA Certified

EPA Certified in Sustainable Manufacturing Practices.
Manufacturing Sustainability


Over the years the manufacturing industry has changed quite a bit, and leaders have had to change with it. To succeed in these times leaders navigate and envision the competitive advantages in fast-paced technology, communications, talent, and supply chain changes leading to new markets.

Groth Manufacturing has built quality processes, training, and procedures to achieve a system of precision, and while that will remain the cornerstone of our foundation – success, these days, also requires an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion about what we’re creating. Instilling passion for the products we manufacture leads to growth, and employee growth is necessary for business growth.

John Groth, President, Groth Manufacturing

John Groth


About John Groth

John started in the machining trade out of high school as a cutter / grinder and tool and die mold maker. In 1992, he accepted the role of Head of Applications for Arthur Machinery. In this role, he was in charge of turn-key projects, schooling, and time studies where he researched top-of-the-line tooling for machining projects. He also installed and repaired equipment as needed.

In 1996, John left Arthur Machinery to pursue his dream of owning and operating his own machine shop, and he purchased American Precision Machine Products. With an entrepreneurial spirit, extensive machining background, and his love of tackling new challenges, John now works with some of the top engineers in the field to provide the best possible service and solutions for and with his customers. Working with his customer’s team he optimizes parts and processes. With over 40 years of machining experience in a wide variety of machining and manufacturing disciplines, John brings valuable insight to help his customers fix issues, and save time and money.

John attended Harper College where he studied CNC programming, welding, and shop mathematics. At Triton College John completed the Tool and Die Institute certificate program with concentration in blue print reading, tool and die making, and mold making trigonometry. He also completed the Charmilles program for plunge and wire EDM, and many management and leadership seminars.

During his time away from the shop, John enjoys spending time with his family, and building and racing drag boats.

Groth Manufacturing Company History

Foundation (1974)

American Precision Machine Products

(1996) Groth Manufacturing

In 1996 American Precision Machine Products was purchased by John Groth. The name was changed from American Precision Machine Products to Groth Manufacturing. At the time of purchase, American Precision Machine Products had 10 screw machines and 1 CNC.

Expansion (2002)

Over the years, Groth Manufacturing has traded, sold or bought over 50 CNCs. John Groth invested in modernization of the facility and promotes positive intellectual influences in the working environment.

FFL Licensed Machine Shop

(2016) Present Days

Over 20 CNCs are now on the floor, and we currently have over 50 pieces of equipment in the building. After more than 20 years at Groth Manufacturing, and now in 16,000 square feet, Groth Manufacturing is proud to still be serving our customers well.